At Home Base Appraisal Management, we realize your top priority is getting your borrowers to the closing table swiftly and smoothly. Our appraisal process is simple, fast, and reliable. We strive to deliver higher quality work, consistent reporting, and the loyalty of appraisers to provide you unbelievable appraisal reports.

Here are just a few of many reasons our clients CHOOSE to use us:


#1 Customer Service

We really go over the top in our communications efforts to make sure you are informed at all times on your appraisal files. Each staff member undergoes a rigorous training period, so you know you are speaking to someone educated when we pick up the phone. We ensure that every time you call, someone is right there to answer the phone. We invite you to call our office today, and test this out! Because you are always able to reach someone, and our staff is experienced, and knowledgeable, we save our clients time and money on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if you process 20 loans a year, or 20 loans a day, our staff works hard to ensure you get the service you need, and the personal touch we guarantee.

Fast Appraisals

We understand the loan business. Our company was founded by a Loan Officer, and an Appraiser. We know that crunch time means crunch time, and you can be sure that we have your back. We have appraisers that can turn appraisals in 24-48 hours. Standard appraisal turn times are 3-5 business days.


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Quality Control

Ensuring appraisal compliance and quality is an essential part of the appraisal process and Home Base takes this process seriously. Every appraisal report undergoes a rigorous 200+ point inspection to ensure quality reports are being delivered consistently. ADDITIONALLY, we take an extra step by ordering internal reviews from a separate appraiser in the area on 10% of reports. These are drawn at random, but help us maintain our quality standards, and ensure you are always dealing with competent appraisers. Ask us about other quality control solutions we may offer.


Home Base has really excelled in being a leader in the technology forefront. We built our own custom software from the ground up, and are proud of the features it offers to our clients. The best part about owning our own system is that it changes and adapts to our clients. Our system can adapt, and be built around the way your company does business, to ensure a fast and seamless process. The best part is, we built it with a processor in mind. Some features include:

  • Encompass Integrations
  • Borrower payment links (no more dealing with credit cards)
  • Mobile Website
  • Direct messaging
  • Intelligent order form (only asks for required info, and requires more based on your selection)
  • Many more features