Home Base Appraisal Management strives not only to be the best AMC to our lenders, but we brag about being one of the best AMC’s to our appraisers. We believe that by treating you fairly, and building a relationship with you that you will return the favor with great service, and customer service.

Here is just a few reasons why appraisers choose Home Base over their competitors:


Small panels

We at Home Base like to keep our appraisal panels small. This keeps you, the appraiser, constantly receiving orders from our company, and you in turn will hopefully make our company and our work a priority in your business. We also do not broadcast our orders to other appraisers on the panel. You are assigned an order, and have a reasonable time to accept it before it is declined.

Fast Payments

With national AMC’s going out of business and leaving millions of dollars unpaid to appraisers, Home Base decided to take a about turn on the industry and the competition. We decided that paying our appraisers as fast as possible was our #1 priority. We started by setting up ACH payments that direct deposit into appraisers bank accounts. Rather than waiting 7-10 days for a check to arrive, each appraiser will receive payment directly into their bank account within 48 hours of our staff sending payments. We also are striving to pay our appraisers within the week they turn in an appraisal. This is an ongoing goal, and something we are constantly working towards.


“I set up direct deposit with Home Base last week. I turned an appraisal in on a monday, and had cash in my bank account to spend by wednesday! Its so refreshing to see an AMC care so much about their appraisers. A+ Home Base!”

#1 Customer Service

Communication is key in our industry, & Home Base tries hard to set up personal relationships with our appraisers. This means you get to know our staff. You are not just another number to us. Our staff has all been trained in the industry and understand what you are talking about. We create an environment that you feel comfortable updating our staff, and really base our business model on top notch communications with our lenders and appraisers.

We ask only that after you start working with Home Base that you recommend us to your contacts in the industry.

Innovative Technology

We strive at Home Base to provide the most up to date technology. That is why we chose to build our own processing platform that conforms to Home Base, and how we do business. This allows us to add future features, and adapt our software around how our appraisers conduct business. We have also gone out of our way to develop a mobile application that you can accept appraisals right from your device. That, paired with unique email, and text message platforms ensure you always have a way to communicate with us at Home Base quickly, and efficiently.