Security on this Website

We are working to have a Private SSL to secure our website!

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, also referred to as TLS (Transport Layer Security).

SSL activates the padlock on web browsers – indicating to a visitor that the connection to the website is secure.
You’ll see two techie terms being used in the SSL industry – Root Strength and Encryption Strength. Root Strength is the strength of the cryptographic keys used to the issue your Certificate, and encryption Strength is the strength of the encrypted link between the browser and the server. In both cases AlphaSSL is as good as it gets – 2048 bit root strength and 256 bit encryption strength. You won’t find stronger security anywhere else!
HomeBase strongly and proudly supports security with a private SSL certificate on our website. The basic function of an SSL is to encrypt all communication between the browser and the server, ensuring that all data goes through a secure (HTTPS) connection. An SSL certificate is a necessity when we want to:

  • Offer an online way for Clients to pay for Services.  We want to follow the best ecommerce practices and we have added an SSL certificate to our online store.
  • We Protect sensitive data on our website.  We protect data like credit card details, personal information, passwords, etc. especially when our visitors use public or insecure networks.
  • You will notice there is a secure padlock on our website.  When our visitors see the familiar padlock , you can trust that you are submitting information securely to our website.