shutterstock_130255238The fair market value of a home is a moving target. You have to aim carefully to capture the most accurate estimate of what a home is worth at this moment, under these market conditions.


Home Base Appraisal Management’s Is an independent provider of a premier suite of AVM products. These products have the highest level of accuracy and transparency, and help maintain compliance with the most current guidelines. We provide not one AVM solution, but 3 complete options for your AVM Needs! This means you are always getting the most accurate reports with our system having the ability to pull from all 3 of the nations top providers.

  • I-AVM
  • Relar
  • i-Val

For a base price of $20 you can get a computer generated valuation that can give you a rough idea of what your homes value may be, as well as provide a secondary quality check of an appraisal report for compliance purposes. Each AVM comes with a value range of data pulled from actual MLS comparables, as well as county data to derive a valuation. If you have a specific AVM you would like requested, please do so in the “notes” section of your request. Maintain compliance and evaluation guidelines, improve accuracy and efficiency, and order an AVM product today.

*Please note that this product does not take the place of an appraisal, and does not guarantee the accuracy of an appraisal report. AVM’s are designed to pull market data, and do not replace a physical inspection of the property and its surrounding area. We recommend these be used for guidance, or quality control purposes. In order to reflect the full value of a property, its upgrades, features, and amenities, we recommend that you order a full appraisal product.