My experience with Home Base has been nothing but positive. The staff is responsive, informed, and very professional. I would recommend their service to anyone needing appraisal management.

Home Base AMC is a great company! They attract the best appraisers by offering a good pay rate, yet they do it without over charging the borrower! The staff has experience in the mortgage and appraisal industry , and they know how to give you the service you want and deserve.

I have been in the appraisal profession for over 6 years. While HVCC has been a burden to many in our occupation, there have been increased opportunities to work with AMC’s that have made the transition much more bearable. Home Base AMC has provided an environment of professionalism, prompt service, and ease of communication throughout the time I have worked with them. If questions or corrections arise, Home Base is prompt to forward the necessary information. Their fees are reasonable and payment for appraisals provided is always timely. I have valued my association with Home Base AMC and hope to continue this relationship throughout my appraisal career.

My experience with Home Base has been an extremely positive one. Rushes are afforded, but not always needed because of the timeliness of their work! Response time is outstanding! I value our relationship with Home Base.

I love working with Home Base, everyone in the office is fantastic to work with. The orders get processed immediately, their communication is top notch, and I always know where my appraisal orders are at through the process.

Home Base has been wonderful. They are very professional, and really care about our clients and getting the job done fast and going the extra mile. They have great appraisers on their team and it all just works. It has made my job much easier.

I just wanted to let you know that I was talking with another processor about the AMC’s and she started to tell me how much happier she is with your service than the other AMC’s we are set up with. We both agreed that you guys are the best and we can’t even imagine using anyone else at this point.